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Dear Artists and Creative Colleagues:

The survey of space needs and preferences of Tacoma area artists and creatively engaged individuals is now closed. If you are among the many individuals who participated in this survey, thank you for helping the City of Tacoma, the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation and Artspace Projects, better understand your needs.

The City of Tacoma and Greater Tacoma Community Foundation are committed to supporting the conditions for a thriving, vibrant Tacoma.  Authentic, interesting neighborhoods include a healthy mix of creative and cultural uses from theaters and galleries to record stores and coffee shops that reflect the diversity of our community.  We are interested in the retention and improvement of existing spaces and the development of new opportunities for all types of creative uses. 

This results of this study will help the City of Tacoma and local property owners and developers advance projects and provide new living, working, creating, fabricating, selling, displaying/performing and other business space options for artists and creatives of all disciplines. The information provided from this survey will inform development decisions and ensure that new space meets the needs of the creative community, including types and number of spaces, space sizes, design features, location, affordability, and amenities.

Thank you for your interest in this important survey! 

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